Brian Post
Sales Agent Support Specialist

Brian Post is a versatile professional who thrives in the dynamic world of real estate. As a Sales Agent Support Specialist at Thomsen Team, a prominent Wisconsin-based real estate company, Brian brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the table. His background in research and development, marketing, and sales combined with his technical prowess make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Professional Expertise: With a solid foundation in R&D, marketing, and sales, Brian’s insight into the real estate market is unparalleled. He possesses a deep understanding of customer behavior and preferences, allowing him to provide strategic support to the Thomsen Team’s sales agents. Brian’s proficiency in managing websites and databases, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, empowers him to optimize online platforms for maximum impact.

His programming acumen extends to languages such as Python and VBA, enabling him to create efficient and automated processes that streamline operations and enhance productivity. Brian’s mastery of Adobe’s creative suite—Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Dreamweaver—adds a creative dimension to his role.

Educational Background: Brian’s academic journey is marked by intellectual curiosity and a drive for continuous learning. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a testament to his analytical and problem-solving capabilities. He has complemented his engineering background with various programming courses, solidifying his expertise in the technical realm.

Community Engagement: Brian’s commitment to his community is evident through his active involvement in his local church and his dedicated support of animal causes. He believes in giving back and making a positive impact on both human and animal lives.

Personal Journey: Born and raised in Wisconsin, Brian’s roots run deep in the heart of the Midwest. Having lived across the region, he has returned to his home state to contribute to the Wisconsin real estate landscape. He is a loving husband and father of two sons—one currently in college and the other embarking on his own journey. Beyond his professional pursuits, Brian finds joy in a diverse range of interests. An avid cyclist and hiker, he cherishes the beauty of the outdoors. His love for reading, plays, and all things geeky showcases his multifaceted personality.

Brian Post’s journey from a Chemical Engineering graduate to a Sales Agent Support Specialist reflects his adaptability, curiosity, and dedication. His prowess in research, technical skills, and creative aptitude make him an integral part of Thomsen Team’s success. Whether he’s optimizing online platforms, developing automated solutions, or engaging in community service, Brian’s holistic approach to life and work sets him apart as an exceptional professional and individual.


  • R&D, Marketing, Sales
  • Websites and databases (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL)
  • Programming and automation (Python, VBA)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver


  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • Various programming courses

Community / Volunteer

  • Active in our church
  • Supporter of animal causes


  • Born and raised in WI, lived throughout the Midwest, back home in WI
  • Married with two sons (one in college and one out)
  • Love cycling, hiking, reading, plays, and all things geeky

Here's what our customers have to say!

  • Shelly M.
    "Always very responsive to our questions, and got us in to homes with short notice. We appreciated their honesty, patience and flexibility. Also, the knowledge of the industry and current market really paid off for us. We were very happy with our overall experience."
    Shelly M.
  • Sharon K.
    "Selling a home you built and have lived in for almost two decades can be an emotional undertaking. This team's knowledge, expertise, and experience came in handy throughout the process. They were always responsive and ready with an answer (or a listening ear) to help us through the process. When negotiations got a little bogged down, they moved heaven and earth to make the sale happen. Everything worked out well in the end for -- and I was so happy to have them on my side of it all. I would suggest that if you are the least bit concerned about your sale, use a professional. And be sure that if you can't use this team, you find someone EXACTLY like them."
    Sharon K.
  • Scott L.
    "Tonya, Miranda, and the rest of the team are awesome. Some of the best I have worked with. I would highly recommend anyone on the Thomsen team with great confidence."
    Scott L.
  • Rosanne D.
    "Very professional group of people!!  Every thing is spelled and clear so you can understand it. If you have any questions the group was right there to answer them all.  Very pleased!"
    Rosanne D.
  • Patrice M.
    "Tonya and her team were really helpful and attentive throughout the entire process. Their patience with us... this is such a big decision and everyone was so kind and calm and very reassuring with everything."
    Patrice M.
  • Mike S
    "Excellent experience as usual. From the initial listing through showings, pictures, and the overall handling of our offer to closing, service was top-notch. I have had success EVERY time I work with Tonya and her team!"
    Mike S
  • Mark and Lisa B.
    Tonya is a real(ty) dynamo! She and her professional team work tirelessly and effectively to provide the best possible home buying/selling experience.  Tonya possesses such vast knowledge of the housing industry, current home valuations, local market trends, etc. We really appreciated the market-targeted price point she suggested for listing our home and how quickly it sold, not to mention the 8% premium over listing that we received!  Tonya has fantastic response times. She always replied to our emails/texts immediately or within the hour.  Tonya is absolutely fantastic and we would recommend her to everyone! The whole process was just so well ordered and classy. Thank you Tonya and your team!
    Mark and Lisa B.
  • Lee L.
    "We appreciated most the communication on each step of the buying process. It made it easier for us to not have to worry about that and just focus on what home we wanted. We would absolutely recommend you guys. The whole process was smooth and easy!"
    Lee L.
  • Jeff M.
    "Thank you for the very personalized and timely service. The entire process went very smoothly from beginning to end. I am very glad we selected the Thomsen team over the two other realtors we interviewed."
    Jeff M.
  • Dwayne L.
    "The team definitely went the extra mile to make the sale easy for me.  Absolutely gets my highest recommendation."
    Dwayne L.
  • Doug N.
    Very happy to have met Tonya and her team. Would love to use them again, but I hope this is the last move!  We appreciated the little extras, like having a couple of Tonya's associates help me get the house staged for viewing.
    Doug N.
  • Zillow
    "Tonya and her team are very knowledgeable and stay on top of all the steps in buying and selling a condo. We could ask any question and get a quick and clear response. They always kept our minds at ease no matter what would come up during the process. We highly recommend Tonya and her team."

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