MLS vs. Public Searches

Both MLS (Multiple Listing Service) searches and public searches ( provide valuable information for homebuyers, but there are distinct differences between the two platforms. Here are some benefits to buyers who use an MLS search compared to a public search:


Accuracy and Timeliness:

    • MLS Search: The MLS is the primary database used by real estate professionals, and it is known for its accuracy and timeliness. MLS listings are typically updated in real-time, ensuring that buyers have access to the latest information about available properties.
    • Public: While & are popular real estate websites, their data may not always be as up-to-date as the information on the MLS. Some listings on third-party websites like Zillow may be outdated or not accurately reflect the current status of a property.


Comprehensive Property Information:

    • MLS Search: MLS listings typically provide more comprehensive and detailed information about a property. This includes specifics about the property’s features, dimensions, and other important details that buyers may find crucial in making informed decisions.
    • Public: & provide general information about properties, but the level of detail may not be as extensive as what’s available on the MLS. MLS listings often include more data provided by real estate professionals.


Reliable Listing Status:

  • MLS Search: MLS listings typically provide accurate and up-to-date information on the status of a property, such as whether it’s active, pending, or sold.
  • Public: The status of a property on or may not always be as reliable. There can be delays in updating information, leading to instances where a property appears available when it’s not.
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